What's Happening Besides Moose Hunting?


I had a note yesterday from our neighborhood basketball star, former  UAA standout Kyle Fossman, who asked if there was anything happening in Haines besides the annual moose hunt (it opened yesterday and will last about three weeks), then he said he has just signed to play pro ball in Germany this winter, which is real, good news, don't you think? In other news, Dr. Feldman's last day as our family doctor is Sept. 19, he's retiring to Port Townsend. The planning commission approved three heliports at 10 mile, the assembly will need to confirm that at their next meeting, the Chilkat Valley News has added 1,000 dollars for a sauna at the pool (6500 is needed) and set up a fund at the bank, so you can too, it's called "Haines Sauna." Thursday at 6:30 there will be a presentation at the library about the history of the former village at 19 mile, and Saturday at 12:30 there will be a field trip out there. Also Saturday, the pre-school has a fundraising prime rib dinner and auction at Harriett Hall beginning at 5:30. Tickets are at the Babbling Book, Sarah J's Cafe, the Lost Coast Shop, and at the door.  The last day of the season for the Fireweed restaurant is Saturday, too. Melina is teaching yoga noon-1pm Monday and Weds. at the Zumba studio and Marnie has yoga in her tower Tues. Thurs. at 5:30-7:00, womens choir begins again Thursday at 6 in the museum, please join us if you like to sing, and the school gym is open for basketball and volleyball weeknights at 7:30. There are still lots of bears on the Chilkat River beaches, especially at night or low tide, although they have been spotted in the day and at high tide. Election season is upon us as well, and Margaret from KHNS will host a forum for assembly candidates (Jerry Erny, Mario Benassi, Ron Jackson, Joe Parnell, Mike Case) at 7pm on Sept. 25 at the high school open area, and one for the mayoral candidates (former mayor Jan Hill, current mayor Stephanie Scott) and bond issues Oct. 2, same time, same place. Finally, word just in that there will be an emergency assembly meeting tonight at 5:30 to discuss the 24 hour drilling in the harbor for the breakwater project. Apparently it saves money to drill for core samples at night, but residents may prefer to sleep. Mayor Scott wants to discuss the pros and cons.


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