Wow. Manic March Indeed

Maybe it is a sign of the off-kilter nature of these days that the egg I tried to balance on the the first day of Spring fell over. (I have heard you can do this on the equinox, as the earth is in balance. I have also read that with practice and the proper egg, anyone can balance one at anytime. Frankly, my life is too busy to spend another minute attempting to make an egg balance. But go ahead, try it if you want to. )

The weather too is mercurial- snow, sun, rain, wind, snow, sun. Just when I take a picture to share with you it changes:

Yesterday, it looked good again for the Freeride Tour competition. Up the valley by the venue near the Jarvis Glacier the sun shone on all that fresh snow and the sky was bright blue, but the avalanche danger was too high. Which may explain why I shared the sidewalk with a guy in a fancy snowsuit and white ski boots yesterday. He was clomping heel-toe back to his hotel, and I was grocery shopping.

The Gold Medal basketball tournament is not weather or equinox dependent, and the Haines and Klukwan teams play tomorrow night at the Juneau Douglas High School gym-- with the Women beginning at 6:00 followed by the Merchants and Klukwan. Last night, the defending champion Haines Women beat Hoonah. We listened on the radio as those Lende sisters Sarah and Stoli (so proud of them!) moved the ball up the court together. If the sky is clear tomorrow I'm flying down to watch them. I can't stay in Juneau long, since I am taking care of their dogs, so I'll return Friday morning.

If it's not one thing it's another. 

The news from the pool locker room  this morning was the SEARHC clinic break in. The police released a list of dangerous drugs stolen-- opiods like fentanyl and morphine and the deadly and addictive oxy drugs. We women, mothers and grandmothers, all expressed horror and concern. One swimmer noted that we will know who did it as soon as the first overdose victim arrives. Oh dear God let's hope not, said another echoing how we all felt.

Then the subject changed to how safe Haines seems, and we hope it still is. Another swimmer noted that she knew Haines was the community for her, when she was new in town and had just filled up her car at the gas station. When she arrived home there was message on the answering machine that someone found her credit card at the station and she could pick it up at the bank, where they took it for safe keeping. (She hadn't even realized yet it was missing.)

Still, another friend said she locked her door last night, just to be sure. 

Tomorrow morning at 10 on KHNS the police chief will discuss why he believes we need a larger police force with the KHNS news team. No doubt the break-in news may be part of that. 

Friday the assembly begins interviews for the Borough Manager position. 

And Saturday night at the Chilkat Center the Arts Council presents "Wrestling Jerusalem" Aaron Davidman's acclaimed film based on his one man show describing and explaining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  in a series of riveting stories told by many characters on all sides of the issue, all played by Aaron, who also wrote the script. It's inspiring and enlightening as art, and as a lesson in history, religion, politics, and the way we humans wrestle with war and peace, right and wrong, faith and hope. Afterward, I will moderate a discussion with Aaron about the show.




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