Your Tax Dollars at Work

This just in, this website and blog are not endorsed by the Haines Convention and Visitor's Bureau, (which it appears is a good thing) who today declined a link request  because my writing does not present a positive impression of Haines. Here is what the Haines Tourism Director Lori Stepansky had to say in rejecting my request for a link to this blog, website and column in the Dispatch under her "Haines in the News" section:
"Dear Heather, our web site is to provide tourism and travel information relative to visitors contemplating Haines as their travel destination. We are only posting positive, upbeat travel experiences from visitors in their blogs, photo pages, videos, and destination travel articles about Haines. There are far more such sites crossing my computer screen that never make it to our new page than do as I want to keep the tone encouraging for those looking at Haines as a place to visit."
Here is one such encouraging view of our community which is endorsed by taxpayers in the Haines Borough:
"With the original plan for some glacier plane trips into Glacier Bay National Park for split boarding and a winter camp squashed by the weather, and the chance to heli jaded by the adventure boy team, the drinking waged on and on. The locals say that you can drink it blue. Well, after nine days of drinking, the sun finally shone, and we headed to the heli at 33 mile for day ten, the last day in Haines. Being on the not so special list, we finally got out at around 4:00pm for two runs with our ultra-cool guide Jim: the first was on "Deflowered" and the second on "Hangover Helper" ' short runs in Alaska standards, but pretty damn big anywhere else."
 I for one can't wait to see what wonderful folks come town after reading such a link, can you? Maybe we should figure out how to lock our doors.  Can you tell I'm a little ticked? 


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