"Part Annie Dillard, part Anne Lamott."- L.A. Times  


"Lende writes emotionally but never sentimentally, giving us the best Alaska memoir of late, maybe the best ever." -Booklist 


“The genuineness of Heather Lende’s experience and her thoughtfulness about life’s bad breaks and unexpected gifts—expressed so well in her fine funny writing- make me want to ordain her as the goddess of good sense and song.” - Nancy Lord, Alaska Writer Laureate 

Praise for Amazon bestseller Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs
As the obituary writer for the local paper in Haines, Alaska (population 2,400), Heather Lende knows a thing or two about life and death and dealing with the unexpected. Her first book, If You Lived Here I’d Know Your Name, painted a beautiful and honest picture of small-town life and drew raves from reviewers. Now in paperback, Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs conveys the importance of spirituality and community in life’s lessons. Read more...

Q&A with Heather Lende
Heather discusses raising a family in Alaska, writing about people she knows, being part of a tight-knit community, the role of faith in her life, and . . . chickens. Read more...

Ten* Things to Think About if You Are Hit by a Truck
The people of Haines were tremendously influential in my recovery, as were my family and my faith. Throughout the healing process, I was forced to look anew at so many aspects of my life. You don’t need to wait for a near-fatal accident to take stock of what’s most important, though. I’ve put together this list based on some of the questions I asked myself during that time. I hope these will help you start a discussion with your friends and family about your own spiritual and community life. Read more...

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Another book is complete. Find the Good, my third book for Algonquin will be published April 28, 2015. (I love that it has such a specific date. I'm not sure why that is, but I think I will have a party, and have starred it on my calendar, like a birthday.) 

If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name and Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs remain bestsellers at The Babbling Book store on Main Street in Haines. If you'd like an autographed or personalized copy, just Email  babblingbook@aptalaska.net for the details. Also, please buy books from your local bookstoreSupporting independent stores and businesses in towns across the country is a very good thing. Especially for holiday gifts.(The books are both available at most libraries, too.) 

I am happy to Skype with book clubs. Use the contact tab to reach me. I have a  Facebook page too, which you may "like". Please check out my blog. There's lots of pictures of home and family and news of Haines. I  do my best to post a few days a week, sometimes more.

Thanks again very much for reading what I write and sharing my books. You've made me a NY Times bestselling author and for that I'm very, very thankful. I do my best to answer your emails and letters, they all make my day. I've even met a bunch of readers who traveled to Haines this summer. It amazes me how many people read what I write, and how many friends I have whom I've never met. Then again, books have a way of reaching out over miles and years and even generations, don't they?











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