When the Chilkat Valley Jeopardy announcer said, "This local businesswoman once danced in a gilded cage at the Totem Bar" not everyone knew  where that was, much less who he meant, until she, who was one of the contestants up on the stage at the Chilkat Center said, "Who is Annette Gregg?" and blushed, then smiled. 
My only complaint with the Sheldon Museum's  first ever Saturday night jeopardy game, complete with a big screen that listed categories and printed the "answers" was that those answers weren't hard enough and they leaned on the history book stuff more than the fun stuff, like the gilded swing.(In Jeopardy the answers are questions, which tripped up some of us who just don't watch enough daytime TV. ) Another favorite answer was, "This family has a Tyler, Tomi, Tammy, Tina and Tracy" ("Who is the Scovills"). Tomi owns the Parts Place auto parts store, and her siblings all work there, or have worked there, and still help out sometimes. (I may have not have spelled everyone's name right, so I apologize.)
Winning questions in the final round included "He was the first Tlingit Anthropologist" (Who is Louis Shotridge), and "This Yukon Fort was destroyed by Chilkats (Fort Selkirk) and "This business kept a generation of youthful pin setters employed for many years" -- or something like that, I can't read my notes because I was sitting up on stage with my friend Deanna and Alex the Shovel on a team. Deanna has been in Haines longer than I have and pays attention, and Alex the Shovel ( he shovels snow) arrived here last fall, or maybe the fall before, after hiking the Appalachian Trail. (He apparently took the long way home.) But he's a quick study and volunteers at the radio station. Anyway, we got the game winning question correct, "what is the Totem Bowl?" Which, alas, is now motel rooms. On the other hand, if we could still bowl we might not be playing Jeopardy at the Chilkat Center on Saturday night. The Totem Bar part of the building is still there, which brings me back to Annette who danced in the cage (and swung on the velvet swing above the bar) of what is now the Fort Seward Lodge. I'm guessing she knows more about local history than any of us, and that next time she'll be less modest about it, and much quicker to hit the button. 


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