Portage Cove Dock Project

 I have been enjoying walking my daughter's dog on the Portage Cove beach these last few weeks. (It is a challenge for her to do it with the baby and especially the recent stormy weather.) Which is why I sent a comment to the Army Corps of Engineers opposing the two million dollar parking lot and bathroom proposed for construction on the waterfront this summer. It would fill a pretty good chunk of the beach and block public access at many high tides. Plus it is ugly, and I don't think, needed. But to be fair, I asked the Corps to request the Borough to hold a public hearing. Maybe everyone else in town wants to pave paradise and put up a parking lot and toilet. I also think there are better ways to spend 2 million dollars and would like the money used to spruce up Main Street, and the Fort area. If you'd like to comment to the Corps,  click here then find the Haines project and follow the comment directions. You have to do it by March 11. You could talk to an assembly member, too. There has to be a better solution than filling the beachfront  for parking a few buses  a couple days a week for three months of the year, doesn't there?


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