Snow and Games

 A winter storm warning with up to 15 inches of snow and high winds that poses a potential threat to life and property (to quote the weather service bulletin) is not news. But after making it halfway through mud season, and the ugliness that comes with it, it was kind of pretty to have the snow piles all clean again. On Main Street yesterday everyone was hurrying in and out of cars and stores in the snowy gales and complaining, mostly. Then one friend said "I kind of like it" sheepishly. "It's spring snow." I liked it because I spent another day happily indoors with baby Caroline. She and Sarah and I are reading through a draft of my next book, the novel-- not the one being published in May-- so the snow and wet make it easy to settle in by the fire and read.
I made bear sausage and white bean pasta last night at Sarah's for all us too,  it was easier for Sarah and the baby to stay home than come to our house for dinner, especially in that storm, and Brian is in Sitka with the team he coaches. The sausage and beans are Stoli's favorite, my youngest daughter is  home from UAA for spring break. After dinner we watched the  regional championship basketball game from Sitka on the computer, and listened to Doug and Lyle comment. My son-in-law wore black on the court because he said he was going to Sitka's funeral. It almost was, the Haines girls played great and almost won, but Sitka got them in the end. They play for second, and a ticket to the state meet, at 3:30 today.  I'm hoping they'll meet again up in Anchorage and that Haines will win. You can watch the game on the Mt. Edgecumbe school web site or hear it on KHNS.  I stayed up way too late listening to the boys' game on the radio. It was over close to midnight. But it was worth it.  We are the southeast champs, by one point in overtime.  


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